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February 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

February 2022
Dates for the Diary

FEBRUARY Friday 4th 4.30pm Twilight croquet Monday 7th 12 noon COM meeting Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th Red Team Pennants State Finals at Tempe Monday 21st 4.30 - 8.00pm Lawns booked - Gosford North Rotary Tuesday 22nd 9.30am General Meeting MARCH Monday 14th 12 noon General Meeting The General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 22nd February commencing at 9.30am. All encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held outside, under the club awning. Grounds will be closed for play until the conclusion of the General Meeting.

Reminder... The Green Keeper is allocated 2 hours in the play schedule, 2.30 till 4.30pm, on Mondays and Thursdays. Members are not to play while work is being carried out. Recent heavy rains have made it difficult for the Green Keeper to work at the times scheduled and he has had to improvise, doing early mornings and evenings. So please don’t be too critical about when the lawns are mown and the lines are done. It’s not an exact science. We talk and he keeps the club informed. Bob Howie, President

Games Captain It is good to be back playing on all 4 lawns again. We are continuing to operate within the guidelines set by Croquet NSW and by taking a few extra precautions of not socialising inside and using our kitchen, we hope that the club will remain open and all members can enjoy the games of croquet that we love to play. Please continue to always use the hand sanitiser before and after handling the name tags and equipment.

Golf: We will continue with the 50 minute timetable whereby games commence at 8:00am and have 10 minute breaks between games. Announcements are at 8:50am. Ricochet & Association: Play is now back to pre lawn renovation times. Our support goes with Anita Beer (Captain), Penny Taylor, Carolyn McNamara, Laurice and Tony Rogers as they take on the challenge of the 2021 Division 3 Pennants NSW state finals to be played in mid February at Tempe. The "Expression of Interest" lists are near the sign on book for you to register your name if you are interested in playing Pennants for EDSACC in 2022. Sue Yule, Games Captain

Coaching Report A new group of golf croquet beginners have commenced their lessons. These lessons will be conducted on Wailes lawn at 9:30 on Thurs 28/Fri 29 Jan & Thurs 3/Fri 4 Feb. The 5th lesson during the week of 14 Feb when the prospective new members will join in with our morning playing sessions. Newer players to our club have been contacted during the COVID period and have been offered extra help with their game if they would like it.Sue Yule, Coaching Co-ordinator

Referee's Corner In a golf croquet game where there is both a primary and a secondary game on your lawn, it is the first to the "common" hoop who continue with play and the other game must wait until the hoop is cleared or if all 4 players agree, a hoop may be missed and play moves to the NEXT hoop in sequence. It is not always the Primary game that continues with play.

Welcome Back With the return to play on four lawns, hopefully we shall see some more familiar faces return also.

A lot of fairly new members have been contacted since the last newsletter and most of them have replied positively.

Obviously, there are a lot of family commitments during January, but hopefully we shall see some fresh faces back in February.

Great to see Pat Stokes making a come back. Well done Pat. Anita Beer, Welfare

Twilight Croquet Happy New Year to everyone ... hoping we have a good year of croquet ahead. We are inviting everyone to twilight croquet for the 1st Friday of every month commencing on Friday 4th February at 4.30pm to 5pm ( No red and white required)

I encourage everyone to BYO perhaps some nibbles and drink/or light supper. It has been suggested that a delivery of pizza may work also…. decision on that one will be made on the day for those who are interested. At a later date in the year, covid permitting, we will fire up the BBQ some months.

At this stage, it will be members only, extending that hopefully to friends and family. So, I hope you will take advantage of a bit more croquet and mixing socially with a great bunch of people! Us. See you there. Linda Fraser, Social Director

Wednesday Afternoon Golf Croquet

I am encouraging anyone interested in playing on Wednesday afternoon to come at 4.30pm, at least while daylight savings is happening. It is way too hot at the moment for golf to start at midday, and not many people are turning up. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, February Linda Fraser, Social Director

Please Check Your Mallet Gloria Watson's mallet has gone missing. Perhaps you picked it up by mistake?


Team Pink is in charge of club cleaning for the month of February A copy of the cleaning roster can be found on the noticeboard in the kitchen near the fridge if you are unsure of dates. (Don’t forget that you can clean on any day during your week if you can’t clean on your usual day allocated).

All Members Please note:

Members who are not on the roster should attend to the usual floor sweeping/vacuuming/dishwasher etc. after each day of play. Kathy Porter

Hooroo To Jock

On January 8th, a group of Saturday players AC and Ricochet met for lunch to wish Jock Roberts cheerio. Here is a short poem for the occasion:

We are gathered to wish Jock the most, He’s moving to the far North Coast We will all miss him at Ricochet And think of Jock each time we play, On the EDSACC stage he is a star, So, we are saying au revoir But we won’t be very jocular.

John Butler

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