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March Newsletter

Dates to Remember 13th BBQ 12 noon 14th COM 12 noon

Social Our first social for the year will be held on Monday, 13th March at 12.00 noon. Details are as follows:
  • Date: Tuesday 13th March 2023

  • Time: 12.00 noon

  • Cost: $7.00 each

  • The menu is Greek Souvlaki (explanation below) followed by dessert.

  • Drinks: BYO alcohol if desired.

  • Payment: Either pay direct payment to account marked BBQ. Add your name. Or envelope in the box at the club with correct money and your name on the envelope.

  • Please complete the form on the clip board in the club if attending.

  • Please complete form and pay by Friday 10th March 2023.

If you are unsure what Greek Souvlaki is, it is Greek style BBQ chicken on a wrap with salad. It is not spicy hot. Linda Fraser, Social Co-ordinator

Come & Try Day

A couple of photos from Come and Try day held on Sunday, 5th February for Seniors Week.

We had 17 people come to try, thanks to Carolyn’s organising, Sue Yule’s coaches and all on the catering team. We did manage to eat all the sausages!

And from Carolyn... Thank you to all who participated to make the Come & Try a successful fun day and especially to Laurice a Tony for doing all the prep and cooking for a great sausage sizzle. We had 17 participants and almost as many club members assisting. Interestingly, after much press and advertising done by the Hunter Hub and us, distributing flyers to local Over 50’s Residential Villages; Mens Sheds; Senior Cits Clubs; Bridge Clubs; local Libraries and Facebook Community Pages, etc all the participants attended due to personal invitations from club members. Hopefully a number of them will follow through and sign up for lessons and eventually join our club.
Carolyn, Come & Try Co-Ordinator

Pennants Over the next several weeks you may see from time to time, players of our two Division 3 teams, Red and White, practising their skills and strategies, out of the regular playing hours. By competing with one another, their members learn other game tactics and add sound preparation for the games they will play against other clubs in the Hunter region. At EDSACC, we wish them all the very best for both their preparation and the competition games. Lawns By the time you receive this newsletter, we will have a new, updated watering system for our lawns. This will provide even distribution of water for the lawns which can then gradually be mown shorter. As many have bemoaned, it has been difficult covering the length of the lawns with the longer grass, left this way to help prevent burning of the grass and its possible dying. With the regular watering, rolling can take place. Paspalum has made its presence felt, as it has in bushy areas and elsewhere outside our premises. It is a difficult weed to eradicate as weed killers will also kill the lawn. The alternative is to either dig it out (not advisable on a croquet lawn!) or dab each individual plant with a specific herbicide. The surrounding grass would then need to be allowed time to repair the lawn. Remember, our croquet lawns are not bowling greens. A clean-up of the cut grass, palm fronds and trimmed vegetation is planned to take place shortly. Hopefully this may assist in keeping some of the more unwelcome guests from our premises. Gail Canon, Vice President

Coaching Report

ESACC Croquet Club will welcome a new group of beginners on Monday, March 6 who have been waiting for lessons to learn Golf Croquet. We will be on the lawn at 11:00 each day (except Wednesday). After completion of their 5 sessions, they will be offered the opportunity to join our club.

Some of our DIV 3 players have taken the opportunity to attend recent coaching days at the Toronto Club. If you would like to visit another club when a coaching session is being held, please add your name to the list on the back wall. I shall endeavour to see that each person gets the opportunity to participate in these sessions.

If any member would like to order a new name badge, please let me know. I will be placing an order mid-March. The cost is $10 per badge (payable to the club).

Sue Yule, Coaching Co-ordinator

Welfare The Club was surprised and sorry to hear about the sudden death of Stephen Howes...our thoughts and condolences go to the family. Felicity Mead has recently had a stay in hospital, but is now recovering nicely. As I have only recently resumed this position, there's not a lot to report. Please do not hesitate to contact me if need be: or 0412 829 051. Anita Beer, Welfare Officer
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