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October Newsletter

Dates for the Diary October Tuesday 11th COM meeting. Thursday 13th 2nd Instalment of fees due Wednesday 19th Club BBQ from noon Monday 24th GC Doubles Carnival - No play Tuesday: 25th GC Doubles Carnival - No play December Thursday 1st Christmas Party

Mallets Choosing a mallet can be a perplexing task. Considerations could be handle length, handle shape (round or oval), weight, timber or metal, face shape (square or round), brand or maker. To help you on your way to purchasing your own mallet, speak to other club members. Ask them why they chose their mallet. Perhaps you could borrow theirs for a few hits, or even a game. For members who have joined more recently, it is expected that by six months after having joined the club, you are well underway with the purchase of your own mallet. Club mallets are for coaching new players to the game and for our “Come and Try” events. Recently, the COM asked long time member, Malcolm Young, to fix a few club mallets. He has undertaken this at cost of materials only, a service for which we are very thankful. However, there are still damaged mallets to be repaired. This is a cost to the club, hence all members. Should a player forget to bring their mallet and borrows a club mallet just for the day, it is imperative that the sides of the mallet are never used to stop a ball. In addition, hitting the face of the head of the mallet with full force against a hoop, is likely to cause damage. This is evident in several mallets. When Sue Yule, the Coaching Coordinator, is back to her duties following her recent knee replacement, the club mallets will be assessed, further repairs will be undertaken, and an inventory of all suitable and play-worthy mallets will be completed. Gail Cannon, Vice President

New Path John, the concreter, is planning on starting the new concrete path from the club house to the lower area adjoining Ourimbah and Wailes lawns. The slope will be reduced by cutting into the embankment. This will provide safer and easier access for moving the trolleys back and forth from the clubhouse to the lawns and for wheelchairs, should there be a need. The recent rain may impact on the starting date Monday, 10th October. Central Coast Council has agreed to fund the work. Gail Cannon, Vice President

EDSACC Competitors at the recent Port Macquarie Carnival
L-R Penny Hill, Jennie McNamara, Ron May, Maggie McGee, Carolyn McNamara and below, L-R Carolyn, Jenny & Maggie
Fees - Second Instalment
EDSACC Croquet Club fees were set at $450 for 2022-2023. Members in 2021-2022 were offered a $50 refund owing to the impact on playing opportunities as the result of a Covid lockdown and inclement weather rendering the lawns unsuitable for play. Some members who paid $450 in July, have applied for this refund.
For members who chose to pay club dues by two instalments, the first instalment of $250 in July, are now required to pay the second instalment of $200 by Thursday 13th October. If you choose to avail yourself of the $50 refund offer, please pay $150 by 13th October. Some members will receive an email from Laurice, the Secretary, regarding their payments. Gail Cannon, Vice President

Thank You I want to say a big thank you to all our wonderful croquet friends, for the flowers, lovely cards, beautiful words and, importantly, to those who were able to be there with us for Matt’s service. It has been wonderfully comforting for all of us and has, and is still, helping us make some sense of this unimaginable nightmare we’re living through. It’s hard to explain just how important your support and love have been and will continue to be for us. Thank you all so very much Julie and Don Miller

From the Games Captain ... Rosters for all the the Carnival jobs will be out at the club soon. Shifts are in 3 hour time slots, except for setting up. If you are able to help write your name in your preferred job and time slot. This following has already been sent as an email, but repeated in case some members had not seen it. As our club covers a large area of residence, it may or may not be raining where you live. So, you need to check whether the courts are open for Croquet play on any given day. Our president Bob Howie is updating this information when required via an entry onto the club website. To make this easily accessible, you can add the club website to the home screen of your smart phone, iPad, or computer; thereby just having to click once on the icon which will take you straight to the Edsacc Club page where you can see the lawn status immediately.
It is also safe to assume that with heavy rain overnight and or continued rain the next day or days, that the lawns will be closed.
In the event that the lawns remain open after rain, this may NOT APPLY to ALL lawns. Please check with the person conducting the draw whether ALL lawns are playable as ONE lawn may need to be closed while the other 3 lawns are used.
Daily Draw Mon Sue Higgins Tues Gillian Aldridge Thurs Anita Beer Fri Cheryl Patterson Thanking you for your support and understanding regarding this matter. Cheryl Patterson, Games Captain

Social News A lunchtime BBQ was held on Tuesday, 20th September, with 36 members in attendance, with a few different faces from the month previously, and blessed with fine weather. Following on the same theme, next month’s BBQ will be held on-


A reminder will be in the daily announcements the previous week, with payment prior, as per usual. With Christmas drawing ever closer, a reminder to “save the date”


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