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September Newsletter

Dates for the Diary

SEPTEMBER Monday 12th 12 Noon COM Meeting Saturday 17th 12.30 - 4.00 pm Come & Try 4 lawns booked Tuesday 27th 1.00 - 4.00pm Come & Try 1 lawn booked

As the 2021-2022 Committee of Management, we were recently privileged to propose two long serving members for life membership. Jan Pearson and Kathy Porter have both contributed many hours of their time, and certainly a good deal of energy and expertise, in developing and promoting both management and playing skills. Both members have served on the COM.
Jan has served as President and as Treasurer, in addition to promoting and coaching Golf Croquet as a game to be played by all members of varying abilities and ages. She has always been a wonderful, encouraging supporter of new players, quietly guiding them while supporting the codes of both Golf and Ricochet. In addition, Jan undertook the role of financial auditor for several years.
Kathy has served as President and as Secretary. She has undertaken the role of Games Captain, after having served on Games Committees. Kathy is a coach of Golf and Ricochet and she is a Golf Croquet Referee. For many years, Kathy coordinated the Golf Coaching Program. Kathy has initiated rosters and working bees to ensure that the club and its surrounds are always presented at their best.
Members who attended the Annual General Meeting, voted to accept the proposals for life membership. To both Jan and Kathy, congratulations and thank you for your contributions to EDSACC Croquet Club.

Sylvia Shipp (in white), and Betty Siegman, both long time life members and Jan Pearson who received her life membership at the Meeting 16th August along with Kathy Porter

From the Games Captain Hopefully everyone has read their emails notifying the return to the original schedule of 3x50 minute daily GC Croquet games with a properly done draw at the 11:00am game time, now replacing “Players Choice.” Games will be Mixed, Same Colour Tags and High/Low Handicaps, in no particular order. You are welcome to play board games, mahjong, cards etc from midday onwards (not during time allocated to playing Croquet); except for Wednesday’s which has a full day of Croquet games. If you haven’t heard, EDASCC is holding an inter club GC Doubles Carnival on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th October consisting of 4x6 teams of seeded Blocks. All blocks are just about full. Our club will need helpers to set up in the early morning, help in the kitchen (offering all day refreshments and making sandwiches purchased by competitors), timekeepers, recorders and cakes/slices for the refreshments. Competitors pay an entry fee and this will be a good fundraiser for the club. More information later with rosters for the above-mentioned jobs that will need doing. Recently I attended a meeting with members from all clubs in the Hunter region known as the “Hunter Hub.” This is a new innovation to promote Croquet within regions. Many exciting workshops (eg, coaching for specific handicap groupings with some very elite players/coaches and Advantage Croquet) are planned for next year, along with the popular Hunter Doubles Challenge Competitions in Div 2, Div 3 and a new Div 4 for handicaps of 12 and higher. The club is also looking at a more simplified way for members to quickly access the website regarding the playability of the courts. More on this later. Fingers crossed that some good weather is here to stay, so we can get back to what we enjoy...actually playing Croquet. See you on the lawns and Happy Hooping. Cheryl (Patterson)

CNSW GC Gold Brooch Winners Cheryl Patterson(Div 2) with partner Chris Williamson(Div 1) doubles combination, winners of the CNSW GC Gold Brooch for the 2nd time; recently held at Maitland.

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