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Club premises are usually unoccupied outside scheduled playing times, so members can be supplied with a key which enables access to the grounds and clubhouse at any time.

Members wanting to play outside scheduled playing times make their own arrangements. The Attendance Book must be signed whenever you come to the Club.

If you are playing with a small number of other members, it is a good idea to lock the front gate as quite often you don't notice non-members coming into the grounds or clubhouse.

When leaving the premises, please ensure that all electrical items (urn, jug, fans and lights) are all switched off. All doors (clubhouse, games room, annexe) and the front gate should be securely locked.

The clubhouse key should be returned if you cease to be a member of the club


After several instances of vandalism at the Club, a CCTV security system was installed and proved to be a valuable tool in identifying intruders. If you arrive at the Club and discover damage or vandalism please contact a COM member, or make a police report according to instructions on the noticeboard above the telephone.

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