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Schedules and playing times

Play has been divided into summer and winter playing times. The Summer schedule begins on the first Monday of December, and the Winter schedule begins on the first Monday of April. A copy of the schedule is on the clubhouse noticeboard.

Four Lawn Playing Schedule

Time Table to Commence Monday 8th April 2024

Golf Croquet: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday mornings

Game 1: 8.45 to 9.35

Announcements 9.35 to 9.45

Game 2: 9.45 to 10.35

Morning Tea 10.35 to 10.55

Game 3: 10.55 to 11.45


                            Tuesday - Gate Ball - 10.00 on Grant

NB: Tuesday Golf games 2 & 3 can only cater for 24 players [3 lawns]

Gateball: Tuesday

                  from 10.00


Ricochet: Wednesday

Game 1: 9.00 to 10.15

Morning Tea and announcements 10.15 - 10.30    

Game 2: 10.30 to 11.45

Lawns need to be vacated by 11.50


Association: Wednesday 9.00

Saturday : RC one lawn AC one lawn: 9.00 for 9.30 start

                  ( or what works best on the day )

                  Lawns vacated by 12.50


The Green keeper works afternoons from

3 pm. Afternoon play is available when our Green keeper does not require the lawns.


Sunday play is available to members and is a mufti day.

Wednesday afternoon at 4.30 Social hit and giggle all welcome.

1st Friday of every month a fun Twilight meet from 4.30 BYO drinks etc.

casual attire plus prizes.

Players should arrive 30 minutes before the set time of play to help set up lawns, and place their name tag on the draw table. The first games draw is done 20 minutes before start of play. If on the odd occasion you are running a bit late but would be at the Club in time for the start of play, phone the Club and ask that your name tag be put on the table and must be at the Club before start of the game.

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