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Members and Visitors

Fees are due in July each year, however the fee may be split into two payments with the second instalment being paid in October. If you have difficulty paying fees, please contact a member of the Executive.

Visitors from other clubs are welcome at EDSACC and pay a small green fee. the current visitor's fee is shown on the noticeboard. EDSACC players are also welcome at other clubs and pay the small fee set by that club.

Club members are permitted to invite friends and family along to the Club for games outside normal playing hours, the relevant fee being shown on the noticeboard. If these visitors live within a 30km radius of the Club they are allowed four visits per year before they are expected to join the club.

Group events are held throughout the year. These include "come and Try Days' which are an opportunity to introduce visitors to the basics of croquet, and will hopefully lead them on to the training sessions and membership of the club. As these days are fund-raiser for the Club, a small fee applies, as well as an extra amount if the Club caters for refreshments and/or a barbecue lunch

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