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Competitions and Handicaps


The Club holds a number of events for its members and players of all abilities are encouraged to participate.




Outside Events

Club members are encouraged to enter competitions conducted by other clubs. Flyers and entry forms for such events are kept in the "Outside Events" folder kept on the sign-on desk, and include competitions in Golf, Ricochet, Gateball and Association Croquet.

Gala Days at other clubs are a great way to ease into competition, meet players from other clubs, and to improve on your handicap. A full list of such events for NSW can be found on the Croquet NSW site under the 'Events' section.

Croquet Australia conducts National and International events for affiliated members and state teams.


After new members gain around three to four months playing experience and/or enter into competitions, the Club Handicapper will allocate a handicap according to the player's ability. An official handicap card will also be allocated.

Handicaps can be improved upon by playing in some Club competitions and outside events.

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