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July Newsletter

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Dates for the Diary JULY Tuesday 12th July 12 Noon COM Meeting Thursday 14th July Fees due (see notice this newsletter) Thursday 21st July 10.00am Gateball Demonstration AUGUST Tuesday 16th August 9.00 am General Meeting 9.30am Annual General Meeting

AGM – Positions Vacant Advance notice that our AGM will be held on 16th August. As always, all COM positions will become vacant and we would love to see members nominating for positions. We have over 120 members and amongst you we know there are a great many skills. So please think how you can help in the running of our Club. Job descriptions are available at the Club or have a chat to any of our current serving COM members. Retiring COM members are always available to give advice if needed. Nomination forms will be available at the Clubhouse from Monday 25th July to midday Friday 5th August. Please complete the form with your nominator & seconder and place in the locked brown box. Following the closing date all nominations will be displayed on the noticeboard and members will be advised by email. Get on board & be part of a great team!!! Hazel Gibbons, On behalf of COM

Games Captain Very pleased to see so many members arriving to play on these beautiful, sunny but slightly chilly mornings, definitely good for the soul. It is also rewarding to see those members who joined earlier this year, out on the lawns regularly, and honing their skills – looking good too. Handicaps will be allocated during the next few weeks, so keep it up. The 3rd game of the morning is now Players’ Choice, with games self-organized or lawn used for practice or coaching. Wednesday afternoon social golf croquet is being well supported. There will be a Gateball demonstration on Thursday 21st July at 10.00am. Ruth & Helen from the Toronto Club and Gateball Champions, will give us the low down on this fast, 30 minute game, the 4th code of croquet, played on a half size lawn, smaller mallets but much wider hoops!!!! Sounds good to me, so if you too are interested, pop your name on the list in the clubhouse….. we would love to see as many members as possible supporting Ruth and Helen. Who would like to learn the basics of Ricochet and/or Association croquet? A list has been posted on the notice board so please add your names and we can organize some group lessons. The mallets of Rhonda McDiarmid and Gloria Watson are still absent without leave, so could we all please check car boots, garages, games or pool rooms, anywhere mallets could be stored, just in case the wrong one escorted you home!!! Many thanks. Diana Mears, Games Captain

Coaching Report We welcome to our club, Noreen Murray, Margot & Garry Castles and Marlene Sweeney who have successfully completed the EDSACC Beginner's Program. Suzanne Morrisey completed a refresher session and has re-joined our club. Planning is under way for any member who has joined our club in the past 2 years to take part in a refresher session. More about that shortly. Any member who has been in the club for 12months or more and would like to learn the code of Ricochet, please let Sue Yule know and the coaches will arrange for you to learn this rewarding code of croquet.Sue Yule, Coaching Co-ordinator

Five trainees with Sue and Anita. One doing her best to avoid the photo!

Rule Changes Just when you thought you had nailed the rules…………………… changes are happening!!!!! The 6th edition Golf Croquet rules commence on 1st July, but fortunately there are not too many changes this time. What you need to know………… · If your side wins the toss at the start of the game you can now choose whether to play first or second. Blue ball still plays first but if you want to play second then you simply take the red & yellow balls. · The small white halfway markers, if used, must be placed on the boundary rather than just outside the boundary. We will have a line marked at right angles to the boundary to show where the markers go. (it used to be a white dot outside the boundary) Wrong Ball A new term has been introduced – annulled – which simply means replace and replay the correct ball, ignoring any fault that has been committed. Wrong ball situations are now: · If the opponent plays a stroke it is not entitled to, the stroke is annulled (which is still the same as replace & replay unless a fault also occurred. Then that fault is ignored) · If an opponent’s ball was played in the previous stroke & not picked up and then the last stroke was played by the other side (i.e. blue to play & he plays yellow. Then red plays his own ball). Play continues with a penalty area continuation (no change) · If the striker has played his partner ball or the striker’s partner has played his own ball (i.e. the partner ball has been played). Replace & replay or ball swap (no change) · If the striker’s side played an opponent ball or the striker’s partner played the striker’s ball. Replace and replay (no change) There are a few other minor changes which we won’t confuse you with at the moment. The rules are situated on the CNSW website and there is a copy in the clubhouse to refer to. If you have any questions please talk to one of our referees and if you are entered into a competition please ensure you have familiarised yourself with all the rules. Hazel Gibbons, Referee

Croquet Showcased at Davistown Our club was approached by the Davistown Hall 90th Anniversary Committee to add Croquet to their celebrations. To this end, Laurice and Tony Rogers, Penny Giersch and Anne Robinson set up a small area down at their waterfront. It proved to be popular with the younger generation and also a group of Fire Fighters joined into the spirit of aiming for the hoops.

A boy of about 12 persevered with the mallet all morning. He progressed from running the Gateball hoops to running the narrow hoops, even allowing for the slope and bumps to score. His enthusiasm was infectious, encouraging his friends to "have a crack." It was interesting that many people had heard of the game, but didn’t realise how popular it was today and where it was actually played. A few of the Fireys took photos (used here) of their prowess and seemed to enjoy the spirit of the game. They enjoyed it so much that they want to bring their whole group to a 'Come and Try' Day.

We handed out club pamphlets, so hopefully other groups will come and try and individuals may sign up for lessons. Anne Robinson

Fees Membership fees of $450.00 are due in July. Payment can be made by EFT, or at the club by cash or cheque – either the whole amount or in two instalments: Payment 1 ($250.00) due by Thursday 14th July Payment 2 ($200.00) due by Friday 14th October Bank Details: Bendigo Bank EDSACC Croquet Club Inc BSB: 633 000 Acc: 160 199 626 Important: a) Please do not deposit into the bank account before Friday 1st July – it mucks up the accounting process. b) EFT payments must have your name as an identifier c) If you deposit cash in the clubhouse box, please have another member verify the amount enclosed in the envelope. d) If you don’t intend to renew, please advise Laurice and return your key Laurice Rodgers, Secretary

Carolyn and Jenny won their block at Seabreeze
Thank You A special thank you from Kathy Porter and the COM to the members who volunteered their time to clean our clubhouse over the last year. Thank you also to Kathy for her initiative in coming up with the roster and following up on its delivery. We are very fortunate now that our new volunteer, Cyril Simons, is cleaning the club on the days he attends. Any spare time will then be spent with Paul, helping with outside duties. Welcome to Cyril and thank you for assisting in helping us look after our club. For all members, don’t forget each day to ensure that the clubhouse is left clean and tidy, by emptying the dishwasher and sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Every little effort benefits all the members and guarantees a pleasant environment. Gail Cannon, Vice President
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