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October Newsletter


Dates for the Diary


Monday 2nd Public Holiday

Monday 9th COM meeting 12.30 pm

Tuesday 31st BBQ noon


Monday 13th COM meeting 12.30 pm

Tuesday 21st GM at 9.00 am

Thursday 30th Christmas Party

President's Report

Hi all, on Tuesday the 5th September, we arrived to find that the club house had been broken into.

There were 2 smashed windows, filing cabinets were forced open as well as items thrown around inside the club house. All damage was covered by insurance & after the windows were replaced & a clean up took place the club reopened the next morning with business as usual.

We had to pay a $500 excess with our insurance.

Apart from that misshap, everything else appears to be moving along fairly smoothly.

Enjoy your time at the Club & your croquet.

Colin Gibbons. President

From the Games Captain

It is great to see so many members enjoying their games in whichever code of croquet they are playing.

Late in August two of our members, Barry and Julianne Rogers who had just completed their training in the code of ricochet played in the Hunter Novice Ricochet Tournament which was held at Toronto.

Our congratulations to Barry and Julianne on achieving Runners Up in their very first ricochet competition.

Our congratulations also go to Jennie McNamara who won 10 of her 12 games in the GC Carnival at Sawtell in August. Jennie triggered twice during the 4 days of the carnival. Also in the same competition, Maggie McGee came second in her block.

PROTOCOL & LAWN BEHAVIOUR: Just a few things to remember:

We are fortunate to have many different people doing the game draws each morning across the 4 codes of croquet. If you are not pleased with your draw, you should respectfully approach the person on duty for the day, or email me, to point out your concerns. I would like to know of those concerns so I can assist if action is required.

Croquet is to be enjoyed by all our members. Out on the lawns there should be respectful behaviour at all times. Please refrain from talking loudly, talking while your opponent is playing a shot and, of course, using bad language. Please refrain from taking your phone onto the lawn unless it is on silent or unless you are expecting an urgent call. Out of courtesy, at the commencement of your game, you should advise the other members who you are playing with that you may receive an urgent call. I am sure that we all agree that the things mentioned above are adhered to.


Sue Yule, Games Captain

Coaching News

We are pleased to welcome 5 new members who have very recently completed their training in Golf Croquet. John Farrell, Maryanne Phelan, Kerry Farrell, Deniece Brady and Kaye Weston will be joining us on the lawns.

As always, if you would like assistance with any aspect of your game please feel free to contact me.

Sue Yule, Coaching Co-ordinator


Our Club has decided to participate in the Rotary Club of The Entrance annual community raffle. All prizes are sourced by the Rotary Club of The Entrance and there is no outlay for our Club.

Community clubs are invited to sell raffle tickets at $2 each, the total amount of the tickets we sell are retained by us. There are 10 tickets per book so for every book of tickets we sell we make $20. We have until early February to sell tickets. Rhonda MacDiarmid is organizing the raffle tickets and she will have books of tickets available at the club from next week.

1st prize is $4000 in cash donated by Mingara

2nd prize one night accommodation for 2 adults at Crowne Plaza

3rd prize $150 voucher from Gem Design Jewellers

4th prize $100 voucher Ming Dragon Restaurant at Mingara

5th & 6th prizes $100 voucher from Bunnings

Please consider taking a book of tickets to sell. With over 100 members in our club this could be an easy fundraiser for us.

Hazel Gibbons, Secretary

Donations of Spectacles

Over the years members have been donating

spectacles to be returned to optometrists for recycling.

Thank you for your donations – we are no longer collecting these.


Kathy Porter is halfway through her chemo treatment.....hang in there Kathy,you have a lot of support. I am happy to report that everyone else in the club seems to be doing well.

Anita Beer, Welfare Officer

Social BBQ

The next BBQ will be held on Tuesday 31st October, at mid-day.

Cost- $10 and will be a sausage sizzle.

Please remember to pay before the date.

SAVE THE DATE- CHRISTMAS PARTY – Thursday 30th November

Linda Fraser, Social Co-Ordinator

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